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‘act beyond trust’ is an independent civil society fund. We support citizen and NGO initiatives that strive for harmony between the natural environment and human society by providing financial help, strategic advice, technical assistance and practical training. As our name suggests, we focus on concrete, effective and creative actions leading to solutions.

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We currently support

  • Neonicotinoid Project :
    Facilitating social awareness of and problem solving regarding systemic pesticides
  • Nuclear-Free Project :
    Seeking the abandonment of nuclear power and an energy shift to renewables
  • East Asia Environmental Exchange Project
    Building bridges of collaboration between UN World Natural Heritage communities

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On-going work funded by our grant

  • Publicly selected initiatives concerning Neonicotinoid pesticides
  • IUCN Task Force on Systemic Pesticides (partially)

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‹Documents: IUCN Tokyo Forum on Systemic Pesticides›

Video, presentation materials and abstracts from the international forum on 2012-09-02 (bilingual) » more