Privacy Policy

Regarding the management of personal information

act beyond trust (hereafter abt) considers the protection and appropriate management of personal information of those who use, participate in and cooperate with its initiatives to be an important social responsibility. In order to fulfill this responsibility, abt has established the following policy for protection of personal information, based upon the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. Directors and staff of abt will make all efforts to protect personal information according to this policy.


Date of enactment: March 1, 2016
act beyond trust
Executive Director: Jun Hoshikawa

1. Definition of personal information

Personal information refers to information regarding a living individual, by which the specific individual could be identified. Specifically, it refers to the individual’s name, age, date of birth, telephone number, email address, address, place of work and so on.

2. Obtaining personal information

abt obtains the minimum necessary information at the time of applications for its grants program, participation in events and seminars organized, co-organized or supported by abt, or enquiries regarding donations to abt, with the usage of this information made clear and agreement of the person submitting.

3. Use and provision of personal information

The information submitted will be strictly managed with responsibility by abt, and all efforts will be made to prevent wrongful access or loss of information, damage, leaking and other problems. Furthermore, excluding cases which fit the following, abt will not use the information for any other purposes, or provide or disclose the information to any third party.


  1. Personal information being disclosed as necessary for the purposes of data management, postage and so on, to a party which has concluded a
    confidentiality agreement with abt and strictly abides by abt’s privacy policy
  2. Where necessary for payment of membership fees or for other financial reasons (to confirm the accuracy of bank account information or credit card
  3. Where the person has provided agreement and approval in advance
  4. Where necessary to protect significant interests of the user, including their life, health or assets
  5. Where necessary to secure the rights and assets of abt
  6. To provide information regarding abt’s grant program and events
  7. Other cases whereby disclosure or provision of information is necessary according to the law

4. End of disclosure, revision, usage and provision of individual information

Where disclosure of information kept and registered by abt is sought by the person in question themselves, abt will sincerely comply as far as possible in respect of the person’s wishes. Furthermore, where there may be a mistake in the information held by abt, a response will be made immediately, including revision where necessary. Even in the case where personal information is used or provided according to the purposes listed in the above clause 3, where a cessation is sought by the person in question, the use and provision will be stopped thereby.

5. Management of personal information

In order to protect personal information, as well as designating the Chair of the Board as being responsible for management of personal information, abt staff will all be trained in protection of personal information, and this policy will be thoroughly implemented. Please contact as below for any comments or questions regarding abt’s privacy policy.


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6. Public disclosure and revision of Privacy Policy

abt’s Privacy Policy is made public on its homepage. The contents of this policy may be revised from time to time. Where significant revisions are made, a notice will be placed on the website. abt strictly follows laws regarding privacy and personal information as well as other related norms, and continuously works to improve its protection of privacy.

7. Analysis of Web Site Access

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