Energy Shift

English webpage of recipients of abt grants (in alphabetical order)

Citizen-Scientist International Symposium on Radiation Protection

Combined Database of Independent Radioactivity Measurement Labs


Friends of the Earth Japan

Fukushima Children's Home Fund

Green Action

Mothers' Radiation Lab Fukushima

Mayors for a Nuclear Power Free Japan

Okinawa Kumi No Sato!english/ceo5

Otaki Lab, University of Ryukyus


The Potential of Japan's Anti-Nuclear Citizens' Movement to End Nuclear Power and Implement Change in Japan's Energy Policy (Aileen Mioko Smith, "Energy Policy Shift and the Creation of Public Spheres: Learning From Germany's Experience", symposium at Hosei University, 2013)

List of papers published by Otaki Lab, University of the Ryukyus

Method for rapid screening analysis of Sr-90 in edible plant samples collected near Fukushima, Japan (Hikaru Amano, et al., Elsevier, 2016)

Systemic Pesticides

English webpage of recipients of abt grants (in alphabetical order)

Greenpeace Japan

IUCN Task Force on Systemic Pesticides


Worldwide Integrated Assessment of the Impact of Systemic Pesticides on Biodiversity and Ecosystems (IUCN Task Force on Systemic Pesticides, 2015)

Ecosystem services, agriculture and neonicotinoids (European Academies' Science Advisory Council, 2015)

Pesticides and our Health: A Growing Concern (Greenpeace International, 2015)

East Asia Environmental Exchange

Foreign language webpage of recipients of abt grants

Japan-China Civil Society Network (Chinese)


Ecotourism Guide Book of Baima Snow-Mountain Area (Japan-China Civil Society Network, English)

The ways to enjoy Baima Snow Mountain Area (Hirose Toshimichi, English)